Lendsnap announces complete Digital Mortgage PoS for public release

Lendsnap has extended their range of services to become the only complete Digital Mortgage PoS web and mobile app that includes an Intelligent 1003 powered by PerfectLO(TM), eSignatures and automatic import of original financial statements from external Borrower financial accounts. Lenders can empower their origination teams to close more loans faster with Lendsnap, backed by the full power of tight custom integrations.

Lendsnap started out by focusing on connecting consumer external financial accounts. We learned from our partner brokers and lenders that sending the consumer to multiple apps just to apply for one mortgage doesn’t work. Offering the best customer experience requires putting it all in one place.

CEO Orion Parrott says “Most lenders still make their clients work too hard to apply for a mortgage. It doesn’t have to be so hard. In 2018, more and more lenders are going Digital and we can help every lender go Digital. We offer the best borrower experience that makes everything easier, more secure, and doesn’t have a learning curve.”

Lendsnap supports both fully online and traditional workflows. Let your loan officers focus on the relationship instead of on tedious documentation tasks. There is no longer any reason to send your Borrowers to different apps. Lendsnap is the all-in-one Digital Mortgage PoS that includes an Intelligent 1003, eSignatures and connected accounts.


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