Lendsnap Highlighted on Rob Chrisman’s Mortgage Blog

Lendsnap was recently featured on Rob Chrisman’s Mortgage blog.

Here is what Rob said about us: 

Lendsnap was selected among leading mortgage technology providers to demo their unique platform live at the Digital Mortgage Conference in San Francisco on December 8th. Lendsnap will be on stage showing a live demonstration of their unique account aggregation technology that retrieves borrower documentation during mortgage application (W2s, pay stubs, bank statements, and tax returns). As the only service to automatically gather asset and income data and authentic qualifying documents (not just VOD’s), Lendsnap offers account aggregation technology that fits how you originate and enhances your portfolio liquidity. The Lendsnap solution is lightweight, easy to implement with existing processes and procedures, and has passed the rigorous SOC I Type II auditing process for 2016. We are live with lenders across the nation, and please contact Mike Romano to learn more.”
Click here to read more & visit his Daily Blog for More Information
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