Lendsnap Receives Y Combinator Investment to build the Modern Mortgage.

By linking to consumer accounts to automatically gather original financial documents, we help lenders deliver the easiest mortgage experience ever. Y Combinator’s startup expertise and community have propelled our success forward. Next week we are proud to present at the YC Investor Demo Day with the Summer 2016 Batch.

From an Interview Published on the Macro, YC’s Official Blog: “Lendsnap is building a set of tools for an industry that is mind-bogglingly stuck in the past. It doesn’t make sense that applying for a mortgage should involve sequentially finding, downloading, and faxing dozens of documents, but the industry is so large, and the process so deeply ingrained, that it is hard to change. That’s why I love Lendsnap’s approach of building software to help Loan Officers. They’re doing one of the things software does best – helping people do their jobs better. In the process, they’ll also save prospective home owners countless hours of wasted effort.” -Aaron Harris, Partner at Y Combinator

Read the entire interview here. 

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