Lendsnap’s Spotlight for Digital Mortgage Conference December 8-9

Digital Mortgage is the first ever Mortgage technology conference happening on December 8 & 9th in San Francisco. We will be doing a demo at the conference. Read our spotlight here:

Lendsnap’s Outsourced Loan Processing Makes Documentation a Snap

“How does a 35 percent productivity increase for the loan origination team and a measurable increase in the mortgage group’s NPS score sound? For most loan originators these are goals worth striving for. Lendsnap says its lightweight solution that gathers all borrowers’ financial documents and data could easily log these kinds of results, while saving borrowers the time and energy it takes to compile all the original documents. Like other account aggregators, Lendsnap collects log in information from borrowers, with the ability to connect to 96 percent of bank accounts nationally, says Orion Parrott, CEO and CTO of the company. The collection of the transaction data and the documents preserves the lender’s ability to sell the loans after they close; 16 lenders are already live with the product.” Read the rest here. 

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